MiDRY AirJet MD-02


Thanks to its antibacterial coating and 2-stage filter system (Active Carbon and patented Enzyme Hepa 13 filter), it purifies the air it blows from germs and bacteria and provides a hygienic environment. In addition, thanks to the special aroma in the filter chamber, it gives a refreshing and very pleasant smell to the environment. With its energy consumption incomparably lower than paper towel costs, it saves your business (it will cost approximately 10 Kurus for 10 seconds of use by 100 users).

For the drying process, it is sufficient to extend your hands under the machine and move them back and forth. If you do this for 10 seconds, your hands will be completely dry.

Customer Happiness

MiDRY, which has more than 250 service points throughout Turkey, is under the guarantee of Mitech.

Savings Up To 90%

MiDRY saves up to 90% while preventing the felling of tens of thousands of trees.

Hepa Filter

Thanks to the special hepafilter inside, MiDRY cleans the air it will blow and purifies it from unwanted bacteria and microbes and offers a clean air.

Just 10 Seconds Is Enough

With MiDRY, which works faster than other hand dryers, you can dry your hands in just 10 seconds.

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