MiDRY AirJet MD-07+

"New Generation Hand Dryer "

Advanced hygiene technologies, HEPA filter, UV-C disinfection, ION particle generation systems make the MD-07+ the cleanest hand hygiene device ever. MD-07+ destroys 99% of bacteria and viruses thanks to these technologies.

MD-07+ not only cleans your hand, but also cleans the air of the environment. With the low-speed sterilization mode that starts automatically every hour, it filters the air in the environment and allows the negative ions to spread into the air efficiently.

Air Cleaning

MD-07 cleans the air in the environment with the low speed sterilization mode that starts automatically every hour.

Savings Up To 90%

MiDRY saves up to 90% while preventing the felling of tens of thousands of trees.


Thanks to the special hepafilter inside, MiDRY cleans the air it will blow and purifies it from unwanted bacteria and microbes and offers a clean air.

Easy assembling

Easy assembly and disassembly that does not require service, Easy adaptation with new models, low cost replacement

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